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CREATIVO has been designed and built for all professional applications where it is important to keep together two opposite values: tradition and innovation.

It is a portable oven with 4 wheels that is capable of reaching the operating temperature in a few minutes with minimal consumption. Refractory floor, stainless steel dome and ceramic fiber insulation allow you to reach high temperatures while consuming very little wood.

Thanks to the patented system, if you use very dry firewood, only some fumes arise.

The large cooking surface is designed to satisfy even the most demanding pizza chefs.

Thanks to its 4 wheels and the lightness it is simply and fast to move.

UP version is comfortable in all circumstaces thanks to lightness and adaptibility.

CREATIVO helps you improve your cooking abilities.


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technical data

Dimensione piano cottura 90X90 cm
Dimensioni ingombro (incl. canna fumaria) flue included100 (L) x 100 (L) x 203(h) cm
Altezza piano cottura 97 cm
Minuti per scaldare 8"/10"
Infornata pane 8 kg.
Nr. Pizze alla volta 05 pizzas Ø 33 cm
Consumo medio 2 kg/h
Temperatura max. 932°C
Canna fumaria Ø 120 cm
Larghezza bocca 49 X 23 cm
Peso 120 kg.
LPG and Methane gas versions available