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COMBI is the latest model created, a wood and gas fire oven in one, that you can use depending on your needs.

It rapidly reaches operating temperature while cutting down gas consumption.

Refractory brick floor, stainless steel double chamber, ceramic fiber insulation and external structure in electro-galvanized steel.
It comes with a trolley with 4 wheels and a nook for firewood.





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technical data

Dimensione piano cottura 60x60 cm
Dimensioni ingombro (incl. canna fumaria) flue included70(L) x70(L) x 203(h)cm
Altezza piano cottura 97 cm
Minuti per scaldare 5”/8”
Infornata pane 4 kg.
Nr. Pizze alla volta 03 pizzas Ø. 33 cm
Consumo medio
Temperatura max. 932° F
Canna fumaria Ø 120 mm
Larghezza bocca 40x23 cm
Peso 60 Kg
LPG and Methane gas versions available