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VULCANO a small oven to bring out great flavors

Reduced dimensions and low weight make VULCANO a unique product.
Designed for those who have limited space and especially for people with celiac disease, it is an oven that can be used anytime and anywhere, a product that meets your needs.

The oven floor is made of refractory bricks designed to store heat and with double chamber in stainless steel. In a few minutes from the flame is present inside the combustion chamber reaches the temperature of 350 ° c and it's ready for use.

The heat is transmitted by conduction through the refractory bricks and irradiation through the chamber and dome in stainless steel.

Ceramic fibre insulation ensures long-lasting warmth inside the oven, keeps the heat longer inside and allow to touch the outside even when it gets very hot.
The temperature can be controlled through the pyrometer and the cover provided with holes allows to regulate its draft.

Excellent for cooking bread, pizza, roasts (meat, fish and vegetables), desserts and even gluten-free foods, it helps enhance the flavors of your dishes.

The trolley is equipped with two rear wheels  for easy handling and the low weight carry it also in the car.
Externally structure in electro-galvanized steel.
VULCANO is delivered to your home almost ready for use. Complete the oven mounting the  flue and assembling trolley, an operation that takes only a few minutes.


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technical data

Dimensione piano cottura 60x50 cm
Dimensioni ingombro (incl. canna fumaria) flue included60(L) x50(L) x 203(h)cm
Altezza piano cottura 97 cm
Minuti per scaldare 5”/8”
Infornata pane 1 kg
Nr. Pizze alla volta 01
Consumo medio 1,5 kg/h
Temperatura max. 932°F
Canna fumaria Ø 120 mm
Larghezza bocca 40x23 cm
Peso 35 kg.
LPG and Methane gas versions available


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